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52 Colors - Week 41 Candy Pink

This week was supposed to be Neon Carrot, but that is so very close to apricot I am making an executive decision and changing it to a baby pink which seemed an obvious color left out of the list from 2011.   Pantone calls it Candy Pink.

Pink seems to be a very popular color in our virtual world, so this pastel will be an easy one for plenty of folks.  Typing in "pink" of course will garner a variety of the color -- all pretty, all girlie.  But I'm not all that much of a girlie lass so I picked this cute little apron set from MEVA for my styling.  Fun for role play or just wearing around the house, the denim is sturdy and panties are provided.  


Meva Denim Apron and slip rose
Stealthic - Clarity 

This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: Di's Opera


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