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Bloom and OAL - 25 Tuesday

I love Tuesdays as I often find some great bargains.  This week was a winner. 

While I often like the style of creations at BLOOM, I tend to shy away from purchases as LODs can be pretty awful on some things. Happily this blanket chair will work well in many indoor locations. I made mine a little big larger and it weighs in at 7 land impact.  Not for everyone surely but it has that "Nutmeg" look at very much a bargain price. The triangle count is around 186K so not "game asset mesh" but also not as high as some things we see.  

These *OAL* Lindsey Maitreya ~ Garden from On a Lark come with a mini hud that gives you choices of woods and metals as well as a plain color viersion (in this case beige).  Typical popular mesh body fits.  

Baskets by Ariskea
Artist gear most from Nutmeg's Painter's Attic gacha


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