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Epiphany Goodbye Gacha

Grab your hud (I got mine through the amais group but I am guessing you can pick one up from the signboard at any participating shop) and get some $25 bargains while you have the chance.  Some stores seem to be having a long sale and some only a couple of days (Wasabi for one) so timing may be important.   

I took a quick jaunt to consignment and brocante and picked up some very nice vehicles at a very tiny price. My two first pulls at consignment garnered rares so that was a great start to my journey.  Campers, snowmobiles, tractors, trailers, pickups  and a coke machine are all now in my inventory.  

Oddly there were some shops in the hud that apparently didn't have their gachas out; at least I couldn't find any using search, so if you are looking hard to no avail, it isn't you.  

According to a notecard from Wasabi:

All the Epiphany gachas will be discounted to 25L, you'll also have the chance to get the old "Exclusives" one last time since every pack will have once again the points inside.

Have fun.  


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