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Working Hard - Hardly Working

When I quit processing credits to Paypal (I wasn't happy with the small print in the  Tilia TOS and US Privacy Policy) I pretty much stopped creating for my store.  One release this year and I made the house for myself, a recreation of my first mesh house almost ten years ago. And yep, I am a better mesher then when I started -- thank goodness. 

But creating is pretty much a part of who I am in all worlds, so just STOPPING was not an option.  To that end I have been keeping up my skillset in Blender and other programs by working on things that I need and can't find.   These will all be Advent gifts this winter.  I have three boxes left to fill and most of the completed days are stuffed full of items.  So expect one hellava Advent when December comes around.  

And here's the rest of the story ---

A recent gacha event had a very cute bench made from  cinderblocks and boards.  I liked it but there were also a ton of things in the gacha that I DIDN'T want so playing wasn't in the cards. In the end  and a couple of months later I decided to make my own bench.  I turned out quite differently of course and I am happy with my rendition.  I plunked it down in the construction area of my store sim but it needed more clutter.  I wanted an old fashioned construction worker's lunch pail.  

Long story cut short -- I didn't find one. I did get a mention that a thermos might be good, and ended up making that and it looks great. And I was also gifted this backdrop. It is simple but lots of fun and low land impact as much of what you see is a sharp graphic and not actual mesh.   

 A great value in a hard hat became part of the story also.  


.:Floyd:.Hard Work Backdrop
The Black Forest- TBF Hard Hat (marketplace)
Crates: ChiC buildings

tiar maitreya (this was a prize in an Easter instore hunt if I remember correctly and most likely not available)

Toolbelt: home made and one of my first complex mesh projects
Hammer: home made from long ago

Hair: also ancient

Pose by: aDORKable


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