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Gatchas Going Bye-Bye Update

As I type this the comments on the official thread have topped 1351 posts. I haven't seen that much  posting on one thread in that short amount of time since the TOS debacle of August 2013,   I am not going to watch that thread, too much really, but I am going to repost part of a comment from the official thread via a Twitter thread by Nodoka Hanamura and a repost on Ryan's blog. 

I can personally attest to the validity of this comment. While this is a disruptive time and some creators and event owners will be hurt by the new rules, the lamenting  is really unfounded.  Many top gacha creators have already made a TON OF REAL LIFE MONEY off of their work.  There is no need for tears.  

While I am no longer in the retail business (just support) ChiC buildings was never a major player, but a "second tier" shop --medium fish in a medium pond scenario.  My top two overwhelmingly successful events were both gachas. The money I made there was mind-boggling for me -- and again NOT A TOP creator.   

And to be fair a good number of popular gacha brands do not make their own mesh *wink* so we are not ACTUALLY supporting their creativity.   

There are gacha discount sales going on. Some are published on Seraphim and others are posted on FabFree. Still others may be announced in groups.  This is a great time to buy if you have wanted something. But BEWARE that not all gachas in those lists are actually discounted. Yes, I was surprised. So pay attention before you play. If you still want to play on a non-discounted machine, that is of course your choice. I just walked away because of the "bait and switch" part of the equation.

I am working on a very long but quite interesting post (to me anyway) about my recollections of the big moments in SL history.  This from an idea on Ryan's blog which you can  read also when mine posts :D.   

If you are relatively new to SL, you are in the middle of an historic moment.    Take note; you were there.   


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