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Budget Living

There are a fair number of low cost rentals that are advertised and when visited get moved into the "not as advertised column". So when I find ones that live up to or exceed expectations I am excited and happy to share.  A variety of varous styles of beach huts can be found at Cuddles Huts and Beach Homes This was my favorite of the tiny abodes. Other styles are available as well as larger homes with more robust land impact allowances.   

65 linden a week gets you 20 land impact to use for décor. Most share mini-islands with another hut.  There are some large public areas as well as plenty of water. 

And to repeat a previous post, you can get a lovely beach home plus 200 land impact to decorate AND a job at Bermuda Triangle.  


Cirus Evans said…
Thank you for writing an article about our Rentals. Was a surprise to find it as some visitor mentioned about it.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information.

CirusEvans Resident

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