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Frozen Frolic Gift Tree

There is a giant gift tree recently installed at SL Syndicate headquarters and with it a bounty of goodies to gather.   Most items are buy for $0 with some being touch. No group is required.

Since this is mainly a fantasy and role play group many gifts are in that vein but there are items for everyone.  Along with the nicely crafted décor gifts shown above there is a beautiful sconce light (Victorian or Classic styling) from RnR.  

Two of the lovely gifts from ARCHITECT

Web Dew has a very realistic (read that as puffy) lavender down jacket with fill in scarf in many mesh fit sizes.  A dapper texture change cowboy hat is in the mix as well as some renaissance rugs and falling animations. There are plenty of silly things too that make you smile. 

For sale shoppers there is a sales event going on in the plaza around the tree.   


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