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Shop and Hop Dec 2022 - Last Stop

Here we are. Last stop on our world-wind tour, Halcyon.   

There wasn't much in Gilded that I wanted to show you so we are starting off the end of our adventure in the two items from there.   On the left (that's me) we have the etham - Alan Bomber Jacket. This of course is a guy's gift -- one of the few this round (sorry guys).  It comes in a variety of fits but I chose "classic" as I figured that would be fairly close to a default female avatar.  Alphaing out some shoulders and breast and it fits in a comfy and casual borrowing my boyfriend's style.  This is one of the nicest items I have seen form this shop so kudos there.  

The other item from Gilded is a cute sweater with four choices of patterns from Lua's.  It is simply called Luas Xmas Sweater Gift.   

Essenz has some very nice red heels with designs on the back.  Just too high for wabbly walking me.  

And now off we go on our final sim tour.  Moonlight and I don't hang out much so this is kinda fun. 

And here's a tip that we found out after this post was written.  You can pick up a huge pack of  Winter Leggings at Blueberry  for free. Just click the credit sign then find the pack you want. No need to fight the throngs at the main store. The  huge pack of very useful colors comes in most body fits. 


From Halcyon

Well it turns out that Halcyon is the ANIMAL sim as well as interactive "life" things such as farming. Add in a lot of Christmas trees and there wasn't too much to report.  BUT ...

From Jinx, Jinx : Ickle Reindeer 2022 SE who is WEARBLE unlike his brother who I had rezzed for many months at a staggering land impact.   Ickle comes with a gesture hud and walks nicely alongside.  We have definitely bonded over the last week.  

My leggings are my credit purchase from Blueberry (Chickory region). A huge winter color pack is on sale right at Shop and Hop.  No need to fight the hoards at the main store. That's my kind of shopping. 

My very pretty and well-made sweater is from Valentina E. Lara only.  
Valentina E. Jennie Jumper Teal 

And that's a wrap.  

I hope you found many items to gather and buy. 
Happy Holidays. 

Poses by: Belle Poses and Fashion Owl


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