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Shop and Hop Dec 2022 - Jubilant

There are some impressive décor items to show you from Jubilant, but again I wanted to  point out the great displays the Moles have done.  Kudos!

Meanwhile we are still in fantasy, decorating, niche territory with some tattoos and such in the mix.  I found three items that in my mind anyway were a step above our everyday bar of excellence. Remember of course these are MY picks and for those that have the time exploring on your own is always best.

Titans - Woodland Reindeers - three poses each with and without snow. 

The Home Store - THS - RECYCLED WOOD CENTERPIECE 1 SILVER C/R (no mod - resizer)

Moving from rustic to posh and fairylike (animated sparkles) we have

*Thus Magic* ~ Urn w Purple flowers (no mod - resizer)

And we are turning the corner and heading North!


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