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Shop and Hop Dec 2022 - Lupine

With a very full inventory and an alt with a new Lara body from Black Friday the plan is to let Moonlight do the hunting and fill HER inventory. Anything that "I" must have, I will go get. Easy as that.  

Lupine seems to be the beginning of the mixed sims -- much like Golden, our starting point.  Time will tell if my guess is correct.  

Now this is a wild outfit but isn't that part of the fun?  Moonlight loves it! And switching to long hair really changed her look.  

 (Sweet Kajira) * SK * Yuna XMAS Top and pants, Maitreya, Legacy and petites

Decoy - Winter Lantern (Shop & Hop Gift) - made to rez. Resized smaller and worn for the photo

Fancy Decor: Ho Ho Ho Words  - gold, black and silver versions. Comes much smaller and for a bookcase. Adjusted here for the photo

There are plenty of other nice things here both as gifts and for shopping. Here are a few places to note:

>>GothiCatz<< Dillon has a MALE dark green hoodie

Alli&Ali Designs Gift  500 gift card

POISON ROUGE Gift Card 300L Holiday 2022 Shop and Hop  - a little difficult to use at the S&H but after a couple of tries Moonlight got a nice necklace. 

eXxEsS: Scarf No.1 in many rigged fits for gals - texture change and very nice. So nice to see this store back and active. 

Swank & Co. Holiday Candy Cane Lantern (no mod)

Killer's - Snowy street lamp - black with rust

Pose by: Mirinae


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