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Staying Who I Am

I have spent more than half the month of December working on "moving into the present" with Evo X. I have tried tons of skins and shopped and shopped for makeup.   All to no avail.   So I am going back to my "old" looks which is OH SO MUCH better than anything I came up with "now".  That is a little disconcerting really, but I have a friend who is wearing her 2016 or so look and is smashing. So I really do (now) get the folks that say they don't want to upgrade.

Meanwhile a couple of items of note.  

KUNGLERS - Florence necklace which is oh so very posh and I like posh when I am not hanging around in jeans and sweatshirts :D.   Find  this new release at Tres Chic and of course it is texture change. 

My tunic (I suspect it is supposed to be a dress -- oh my!) can be found on the gift tree at Cosmopolitan. Look for the RAPTURE ornament.  The cool thing about this is the copper-toned spectral shine. Wow!

Note that I am wearing leggings AND have hair over one breast. There IS a reason LOL.    

Poses by: SE Motion


kt waydelich said…
Oh Chic, I was thinking I was alone in having such thoughts - Thank you so much for putting the words out for us. Things are not the same as they were and not all that SL have added is for the better. I love the "old you" if you will forgive the expression. You were and always will be Beautiful
Kayti x

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