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Shop and Hop Dec 2022 - Chickory and Gleaming

I am leading with an arty screenshot of the Mole's build. That can't be a good sign.

Chickory was definitely not my sim. Almost nothing appealed to me. It might to you however. Let's just say it was very niche -- and not "my" niche LOL.

I do have two very nice gifts to show you however ; thank goodness for THAT.

Find these very pretty dusky teal boots at !APHORISM! - Molly Boots Mistletoe Ltd Ed - Maitreya

And the rings both left and right hands of each ring with a color change hud for each at the Kunglers booth. 

The dress I am wearing is also available in Chickory but I have issues with it as it is pretty much unrealistic. I had some of those giant kniting needs the size of broomsticks long ago and even then ,,,, :D  But I figured it was better than naked.  

Next stop Gleaming!

Gleaming appears to be a kids region, hence not a lot for adults with no kids - LOL.   So I am adding it to the Chickory listing.  Here's the info.

+Half-Deer+ 'Merry' Metal Letter Sign - Gold
GT Creative Design GT - Creative Design - Shop & Hop Gift
MadPea Christmas Shopping Cart

300 credit at Blueberry - not clear if it expires. 

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