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The Lovely but Tricky Cosmo Tree

A quick and dirty as an old boss of mine used to say way too often --  public service post for you Advent folks.

Cosmopolitan's tree is now live and starting to fill with presents.  I went their in the early morning hours and was puzzled.

NO STOCKINGS!  Did all the Cosmo creators have better things to do?   

I went back in the morning still scratching my head at least metaphorically wondering what I was missing.   Well an area search revealed that the stockings have been replaced by very pretty clear ornaments that go with the tree perfectly.  OK. All good. 

Getting the items into my inventory wasn't so easy though.  And, honestly even at sixteen years in a few days I don't think I would have figured it out had I not had an equally confusing experience at The Free Dove a couple of years ago.

Here is the bottom line. You need to not only have the group active (well that was expected) but you also have to have your name tag and the group name tag  VISIBLE (as shown in the screenshot) for the items to be delivered.  

Since I have had my name tags and groups off for everyone  well over fifteen years now this wasn't a normal change for me.  But having lived through  The Free Dove collecting it wasn't too hard. 

So that is the bit behind the tree mystery. Of course those of you who always have your tags on with group showing will have no issues :D.   

Have fun clicking on those ornaments! 


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