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DMCA Laqroki and PXL

So I've just spent the last half hour or so deleting references to the skin I am living in on the Chic at Phil's Place blog. THIS is pretty depressing as I was just growing into it after about a month (sigh). If you don't read the feed or scan tons of blogs you may not know that there is a new DMCA charge against PXL Creations from Laqroki. The pictures seem to support Laqroki.

Edit: Aug 30 - link to Laqroki blog has been removed since there was no DMCA filed.

You can read about it here.

As of August 10, 2008 I will no longer reference PXL Creation products in my blog. Old credits have been removed.

Pose by LAP -- Thanks Dove, it was perfect for my mood :(