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Moving Appendages

So ---- :D

There have been more Emerald updates lately and I downloaded twice a few days ago. My timing was definitely bad and I downloaded about five minutes before a LL update caused yet another update in Emerald. There are some new issues, or at least "I" have some new issues which I'll mention further down as they are important to retailers, but I just had to show you this shot of the forum posts.

Click for a larger picture as needed.

A lot of folks seem to have some inventory issues. I may have lost some inventory but all steps to regain in either viewer have proved fruitless. Note, however, the post with the BIGGEST number of views and replies. Gals joke about guys and there need for "parts" in SL®, but look at those numbers on bouncy boobs! How funny.

I haven't tried, I haven't cared; my breasts are tiny and most likely don't move anyway, but I thought it very indicative of how our RL obsessions move into our virtual worlds with us. Just wanted to share.

Edited: Problem solved and text deleted so no to confuse further. No worries. It was me, alas. And I learned a new trick. This is good. Thanks to Toy on the Emerald Forums.


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