I had lots more to share with you about my morning adventures at Annamaria Bushido, so here it is along with the backstory to the backstory *wink*. The newish (guessing here) sim is composed of three stores including Agent Orange, LARK and Industrius. There are a couple of empty shacks (the building is in rustic mode from Alir Flow of 6pi) so perhaps there will be some others joining in soon. It is a homestead sim which I rather like. Less prims usually translates into more open spaces and / or water -- both which work for me. In this case there are four general areas. Flying around a bit will let you discover all the great spots.

I started my early morning with some new hunts which unfortunately didn't hold my interest long. Ya never know. Then I remembered that Agent Orange, a very creative and fun shop, had something going on soon. I couldn't remember just what that was, so I decided that heading to the shop might give me a clue. My old TP point left me falling from high in the air; I'm sure we've all been there, so some searching was in order. A few clicks and I was at Annamaria Bushido.

The event in question turned out to be the 80s hunt which starts on November 1st. I am really looking forward to that one; many of my favorite designers are taking part and that is usually a good sign. Anyway, the sim was so cute I did a bit of flying and exploring and found a grand opening gift at each of the shops. The red dress in this post was the gift from LARK, a very cute shop with some creative touches. Items come in the branch that you see in my photo. Complete with egg and feathers, it would be a cute addition to a garden should you have an extra 13 prims to spare.

This is a REALLY cute dollarbie sweater I found as you enter the shop. It is in a vendor on a wall and while there is a small (very small) artistic tag that says "dollarbie", it is difficult to buy. So zoom in and be persistent. While the vendor signs are very original and cute, I'm wondering how well the system will work. Only time will tell. I was wearing a sweater from Miseria at the time and I liked the layering effect, so I added just the glove layer and prim cuffs from their Ash Cardigan in cornflower, my shiny leggings from MALT and my Decoy Jully Boots in seabreeze (a few thousand of you must have those :D). Voila -- a simple and cute outfit suitable even for high traffic locations.

EDIT: A friend just went over to get the sweater and informed me that there are FOUR colors to choose from. Click on the color feather that you want to purchase. Hence my difficulty in buying :D.

Cam in close and click. I think I'll be going back for a least one more!

They are TRANSFER, so you could buy a few for friends while you are there. Happy Halloween and Samhain!

Agent Orange is giving away a dear avatar letter complete with broken glass and lots of prose :D. You can add your own photo to the frame and pine away, sobbing over lost love.

A rustic, industrial, steampunk-esce candle and holder is the gift from Industrius. When I take down my Halloween decorations, I'll have enough prims to use one or two in my shop. I'm looking forward to that.

So do a bit of exploring, take some spooky photos and have a great time at Annamaria Bushido.