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Souls Weep Here

Souls weep here --

The clock strikes twelve and my book is put aside. The graveyard is calling.

Filled with lost souls and uncompleted dreams, the night blankets me in grayness. An owl calls in the distance.

The scarecrow watches over the pumpkin patch, but who watchs over those departed and forgotten?

Visit the haunted house at Green River >>

Hair: Fusemelon *FM* Samhain Heist (Special) - Nightmare Eden prize
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (sunkissed/br) star
Outfit: [LeLutka] Stacys Night Out leggins Mint 2 (current group gift); E! Eclectic Gothic Lace Shirt 2
Accessories: Puddles Pheonix Belt LIMITED EDITION PUMPKIN (dollarbie); BP*sprig/iwaki/2009-10 pumpkin (current group gift)
Shoes: Juicy Slingback Pump - Peppercorn

Very sorry. I took these photos late last night and forgot to save my my Windlight settings.


One of my favorite prizes from the Nightmare Eden adventure was this Samhain hair from Fusemelon. So I put together an outfit with some current favorites (many of them freebies). I added my faithful Juicy slingbacks, a staple of my shoe rack, and went in search of a great Halloween spot.

Actually I started looking for Samhain sites, but ended up blending the two special days into one shoot.

The haunted house environs are spooky and the building insides tend to ghoulish, so pick your exploration spots depending on your sensibilities.

I've decided to include a glamour shot for the clothes when I am taking photos in the darkness and gloom. I hope that helps the fashionistas :D.

While I did finish a version of the Nightmare Eden Hunt, I admit I jumped one TP door. In thinking back, I am pretty sure that there are at least two endings to the story. Mine was not the positive one and I am still wondering about the star map and the butterfly hint. So if any of you out there finished in a more positive, save the day, manner I'd love to know about it.

I plan to go back next week with my girlfriend, after the crowds abate a bit, and explore some places where I think we may have missed things. A long time adventure game player, I was more interested in the game than the prizes :D, and I want to solve the puzzles that are New Eden.


Sally Hoover said…
haha that intro would have been spooky if you werent wearing the pumpkin tree on your head. so dumb lmao

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