Down the Rabbit Hole

Jump, if you dare. Down, down, down.

Calm waters hold mysteries. Metal pulses with life as daylight breaks through the dense darkness. The world exists in lifeless shade.

Rusted iron claims the final authority. Technology dictates and biology acquiesces.

I cannot -- I will not -- bend to the rule of the machines. I am human -- and I will be free.

Visit 110 Prims at 6pi >> (central entry point -- follow your beam)

Style Notes:
Hair: +DV8+ SteamDreads - Lazuline
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (goth) 03
Clothing: +DV8+ Fatale
Shoes: *AGEHA Rubber Boots
Accessories: KOSH- PATCHOULY BELT, FG Underground Biotechnical Mask

Some items may be gifts, prizes or simply no longer available. If you are having trouble locating a particular item, feel free to send me a message in world or add comment here on the blog and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.

Backstory: I ventured over to 6pi on advice from a friend. Much of the land is warm and inviting. Birds and flowers abound. But before I made my way to the fairytale settings, my eye caught a sole, lonely building on the edge of the expanse. Walking through water seems to be my general mode these days, so that was no problem, and of course I had to explore.

And here you have what I found -- and undersea world of lost technology.

Tomorrow, perhaps, I'll spend my time in the sunlight. It looks lovely.

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    # by Beanie Canning - October 2, 2009 at 1:35 AM

    Beautiful, Chic. I'm really enjoying reading your new 'travel' style posts.

    You have a new fan :-)