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Nightmare Eden

Welcome to the nightmare that is New Eden ----

Just out of the stasis pods, I find a uniform. Others follow suit.

Well dressed and through the first locked door, I venture on to solve the mystery of New Eden.

A deserted ship, tell-tell clues and blood; I stay prepared.

With horror all around, a moment of serenity is welcome. Too soon I will need to continue on.

Nightmare Eden opens soon at Sn@tch. This link will be updated then - or - join the Sn@tch Subscribo to be informed.

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs "Rock Out" Hair Auburn (new release - not part of game gear)
Outfit and accessories: Sn@tch New Eden Uniform, flashlight and gun
Shoes: A-Bomb Venus Boots (color change - not part of game gear)

No Windlight settings for this locale. Viewed best for the game at Midnight.


I loved last year's Halloween adventure at Pulse and this year is even better. More of a game and while there are purportedly prizes at the endgame, there are TONS to be found during the game. I tally sixteen so far not counting uniform and accessories. And I am sure I missed a lot since I was more intent on photos than on the gifts.

It is December 21, 2012 and you are on a space ship. Something is definitely amiss. It is your job to find out what and "maybe" get out of there. I haven't finished so I can't tell you how it all ends. I have some pieces to the puzzle though.

I'll most likely let someone else report on the prizes since I don't "do" that these days, but you may see them crop up in other posts. Ya never know.

Take a friend but prepare for lag. Benicia did the hunt last year first and was one of the vanguards. I went a bit later and it was molasses city. So, as you might expect patience is rewarded.

Have fun. Stay safe. Wear undies so you can change into your uniform :D.


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