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Read and agree before you Shop!

Wonder, doing the MHO Hunt, was greeted with a message when he arrived at the landing point of the store mentioned below. While most folks would probably just hit the discard button, he did not and sent me a copy of the notecard.

Since I cannot in theory reproduce the VERY long in complex legal note about all the things that you may NOT do with any product you purchase (see the last statement of the note), I suggest that if you are interested you might want to TP over and get your own copy.

I would have LOVED to paste in all that verbage, but I do try to play by the rules, even if I think they are over the top.

[insert many paragraphs with info about what you cannot do with their products, what DMCA means, etc. etc.]

... The above information was written exclusively for the AITUI Product Line and may not be used without permission.
Copyright ©2009. All rights reserved.
While the designers certainly have a right to give out this card, I am having a difficult time believing that all the rhetoric would dissuade any theives. It may well dissuade folks that were actually planning on buying something for their own use and never, ever planning on doing anything the least bit illegal with the product --- like 99% of us.


Here is the TP to get your very own copy >>

PS. My title is from the title of the notecard with the store name removed .


Anonymous said…
Well there are copyfail activists infesting SL that demand to know terms before buying. So there they are. Customer choice to read or not read but the terms were presented before sale. Oddly the copyfail tards don't demand terms before buying or stealing that operating system, software, video game, porno DVD, or most other things they buy or steal.
Anonymous said…
How about the right to publish citations? For scientific or educational purposes? Surely even in the US there must be such a thing?

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