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Dimming Fires

Burning Life SL® will be over soon. I journeyed over a couple of days ago but the lag did me in, alas. The good news is that little Xia was up before the robins this morning and found a post on the Eridu Society desert build. Knowing I love it steamy (in many ways), she took a tour and IMed me when I logged in. So, this post is mostly about her, with a big thank you to the article that sent her on the adventure.

The free outfit from BlakOpal Designs, in styles for both guys and gals, is SUPERB ( so much so I used it as my new ad campaign garb) and the balloon is so pretty I want to fly away in it. I have lots to report in the next few days, so poetry will get put aside for just a bit :D. I'm sure some of you will forgive me and some will clap loudly *wink*.

I feel a bit like Indiana Jones in this photo. The outfit comes with tails, but as lovely as they are, pose problems had me dispensing with them. They ARE in the outfit folder I made of this set, so I'll be wearing them most of the time. The it's-really-not-a-computer behind me is also free at the build. Two versions come in the gift and the screen changes with photos of Babbage; very nice. Officially titled the Eridu Society Airship Outpost, the complex hosts resting spots for tired travelers. Take the TP up or fly to see the air ship and balloon.

I tried to do a little research on the Eridu, but didn't find much except for a movie at The Heliograph. The movie served to make me even more curious. I wanted to see the build in the video. Alas, it seems to be gone. The sim mentioned no longer exists and the Eridu sim is for sale and no longer themed. I was too late.

But you never know, SL® changes at sometimes startling speeds, and the Phoenix did rise. I'll be on watch for more news in the future.

Xia and I are both wearing the Zombie Boot - FREE at (Dernier Cri) . She has on the free hair from Decoy (hope you picked that up) and mine is from Lelutka. The outfit comes with the gloves and hat as well as goggles that can be worn for protection or placed on the hat (I love that!).

And here is the fashion shot with the hunky guy. You don't have long to go pick this up and see the build. The fires, they are a dimming.

Go forth!


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