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Emerald Good News - MHOH bad news

Quickie here. I was SO pleased today with the Emerald viewer. I was trying to get my facelight and hat to BOTH attach and wondering what I could attach my facelight too. I went to the "attach to" tab to find a WHOLE SECOND SET of attachment points. Woot!


I am guessing this came with the next to last update. There was another today, but I was too busy to download, change out my Windlight settings and otherwise deal. This is pretty exciting and even if you aren't using Emerald, it may be in your viewer too, so take a look. If not, it might be coming soon. This solves SO many problems, I am truly thrilled.

Thumbs up!

I took a break from other work to join Wonder on a second leg of the Make Him Over Hunt. We haven't unpacked any packages, BUT, I have to say that this section (we are in the 70s) is filled with super tiny as well as super tiny AND retextured to match the surroundings symbols. Big Boo Hiss from this duo. Some we didn't find and the others only with the help of the Hunt Location Hints.

Now to be fair there are some hints on the official website, but not for all the stop. So, I am breaking my rule about posting this link because I am "not happy" (was that politically correct or what?) with some of the shenanigans by the store owners. Let's be fair guys. If you don't want to give your stuff away then don't be in the hunt. It's as simple as that.

I have used the hints above in lots of hunts in the last couple of months. I have made many comments on that blog so it is not a secret. Before anyone comes down on me for that, the honest answer is that I wouldn't be doing the hunts AT ALL without these hints. There are too many bottlenecks, missing sights and just plain over-hiding for my sensibilities.

We need to find a middle point and the people running the hunts need to make some better rules like NOT retexturing to match the wall colors and not shrinking down to jewelry size (and I kid you not).

Hence my post.

Chic going back and hoping that Wonder has found the next few on his own :D

PS. Damn, yet another one. This is getting tedious!


Unknown said…
I love all the new attachment points! Being a neko I don't have to worry about losing my tail AND I can wear a ton of outfits that I haven't in the past. Just one problem..I attached my tail to stomach 2 and started getting comments about my tail "floating". Turns out when someone with the regular sl viewer comes along the objects attached to the extra attachement points are floating in space, in the wrong place, etc. eventhough it looks just fine to the folks using Emerald. I was bummed....

(had to do it)

Hopefully someone will figure out a way to fix this.
Ais said…
Don't get to excited yet. While this is an awesome advancement it is not 100% yet. When someone who is not on emerald sees your avatar the second attachments are in all the wrong places ... often floating several meters away from you, on the floor, in the air, all over ... this is a great advancement and something to be excited about and enjoy like so many other Emerald features, but it isn't ready for mainstream use yet. We need for Linden Labs to embrace this and it will be a bright day for all :D
Anonymous said…
Yes, I spent well over an hour searching high and low and all around the perimeter of one store when my radar goes off: "Object MHOH located at (coordinates here)" so I looked, and looked, and looked only to have to tp a friend in because the item was redone to match the wall and my monitor can't see things as darkly blended as that. I wondered if anyone else thought that was a tad excessive. Having done the twisted hunt (without a radar) I wound up quitting on this one because it was clear that a few (only a few, not most) of the designers were being deliberately hostile. In fact, the morning before the hunt they were in the official group chat and a couple of them were saying "Make them struggle" and laughing at the hunters. It's like they forget that sometimes we use these examples of their wares to choose a new favorite store.
P.S. Hunts are for fun. I only use the radar when things are as awful as that store owner made them, which is rare. In hindsight I regret having purchased the showcase item displayed in the front window there while on my alt, Blue Phelan. That designer didn't deserve the Ls. And this is Valiyah Delcon, by the way :)
Anonymous said…
This is Chic trying to avoid the ugly icon that posts on the same page as the comments :D


Ah, well thanks guys for letting me know that the second attachment point doesn't work for some viewing. I only need it for photo shoots really as I am pretty much a minimalist at heart. Agree it is a wonderful thing.

There is some odd trick about turning you avatar to a certain direction point in order to attach to the same point (in the Linden viewer) but not sure it works any more. That was a comment I saw long ago -- and it always seemed like too much work for me.

Still it is GREAT for photos so I am a happy camper. And I know that Emerald and alternative viewer are growing in popularity. You can see that in a chair watch if you turn on your avatar list.
Arialle said…
TOTALLY agree with you regarding re-texuring symbol for the MHOH!! I eventually found one at a prominent designers' store that was retextured the same as the background it was up against. That, together with lighting in the store, made it nearly impossible to locate. It's mean-spirited of designers to do this and goes against the spirit of a hunt. Agree with you that if designers don't want to give away their products, then don't participate in the first place.

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