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The Comfort of Forgetfulness

Golden grasses sway in the foggy waters --

Alone with my thoughts and the forgotten gravestones

I remember those that came before me.

Whose lives gave mine meaning.

They have left, but I remain --

And I remember.

Visit the Haunted Graveyard at Annamaria Bushido >>

Style Notes:
Hair: = Hal*Hina = Hair -sasha- [cassis brown]
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (sunkissed/br) avenue
Clothing: #1 My Precious by Agnes Finney* Fairy Princess Black (new release - review copy)
#2 {Lark} Bustier Dress (opening gift free here)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Accessories: #1 Alienbear Design (Sirvart Dark Set (black) (new release - review copy)
#2 **DM Designs** Isabeau set (white) (new release - review copy)

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


There is so much of a backstory on this post, that I'll be doing another just on the Anamaria Bushido sim.

As promised though, I am adding studio shots of the clothes. Arty is fun, but I know you want to see the way outfits look in the sunlight too *wink*.

Another new addition to the blog will be notes on review copies. This comes from a post at Gogo's about readers wanting to know. I have made it clear many times that I don't buy things very often so if an item isn't free, you can assume it was either a gift or a review copy. Still, it's a simple enough addition and if it helps some of you, I am happy to do that.

Alienbear Designs and My Precious released their items together. The jewelry as well as the dress come in a variety of coordinating colors. Being a neutral gal, I chose black. The dress is saucy and has a bit of a cabaret feel to me. Hence the BAX boots choice. You could easily wear heals if you want a more ladylike look, or add fishnets if you are really in that black widow mood.

The necklace comes in two parts. The spider piece is separate from the actual necklace, so you have three looks. I am guessing that wearing the spider alone was not the designer's plan, but the fragility of those spider webs that seemed to grow out of my shoulders sucked me in and I found I liked that piece the best.

I also like the attention the spiderweb gives to the back. It glows in the dark -- seductively. Be sure and click on the thumbnails for larger pictures so that you can see the details. You can of course wear the necklace without the accompany spiderweb.

My second set of jewelry hales from DM Designs. Also a new release, the pearl set comes in a variety of colors. Again, basic little me chose white :D. The set includes earrings, bracelet and ring as well as the long pearl necklace.

Extremely adaptable, they can go dressy or casual, and if you keep your outfit simple as I did in the photo above, you can wear them all together without overdoing. Yeah!

The cat suit shown in the photo essay is part of a set from LARK who I will tell you more about in my next post. The outfit comes with optional leggings (just past the knee) so there are a variety of ways to wear this. An opening gift, find it in -- a gift box *wink* in the small store.

Even though the swampy graveyard was meant to be spooky, I found it quite comforting. More on that part of the story soon.


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