It is a bonus post day! Woot!

With plenty of news to impart and part of it time sensitive, here is a second post for the day.

COLLABOR88 is open. That doesn't actually mean you can get in yet of course or that it won't be gray. But, thinking ahead to when you DO make it over there is obviously plenty of great things to see. From the website I gather that this month's theme is "back to business".

Out from Barnesworth Anubis, the 5th avenue shop and apartment set.

Classic for sure, it features plain rooms in the front and more homey areas in back. This IS a very flexible design. Home, shop, office, combo -- lots of roles can be played.

There are two main versions of the build. One includes a facade with apartments above. I actually like that the best but it was too imposing for my already built city *wink* so I went for the less impressive but immanently useful one story model. If you want to come visit while you are waiting to get into the venue, the photos were taken here.

My dramatic hair is a new release from Vanity Hair, Biting the Dust. Definitely sleek and modelesce, it is also slightly messy which for me adds realism.

My casual black and white set is the weekend special at SLC. This is a great value outfit, especially for newer folks or ones short on lindens. You get basic white pants, a cute summery top (both mesh) as well as matching undies (could double as a swimsuit if needed). Shoes are included. A variety of colors are available

Poses by: aDORKable