Looking for Romance

See the giant version on Flickr for a much better feel of the place.
It is Op Ed Sunday!

Before I get to the personal sort of news I want to reference a post from a couple of days ago.

If you look in the comments you see that Achariya talked about this post on her blog. I tried to reply on her post but even though I was logged in, Blogger refused to give me a text entry box.  It WAS long ago and it may have been my perception that she had review copies; she always seemed to look good and she did blog the same designers most often.

I do know there were SOME folks that got review copies. Those blogs are no longer around to point to and most blogs don't keep their archives up and available like I do (yes, it is sometimes embarrassing how bad those old posts are!)

As I tried to find reference to her vintage comments I came across a few very old and very interesting posts (to me anyway). One was apparently in reference to the coming of texture templates into SL and all that occurred around that drama -- designers leaving; folks quiting. The other was a post that seemed to suggest that "I" had review copies back in 2009. Obviously my sense of time was off when I wrote that Meme post, maybe it was 2008 or even 2007 I was thinking of. That's what happens when you get old -- even in virtual terms.

Anyway the "idea" is still valid even though my time sense is apparently faulty. 

Now, about that top photo --

I went out adventuring last eve. It wasn't a plan. There was a huge storm and sleeping was not an option for the typist. So in the wee small hours of the very early morn I discovered a lot (and I do mean a lot) of great sims by wandering through the Romantic Spots category in the Destination Guide.

The one that impressed me the most was Imaginaria. It isn't a handmade sim; I could pick out items from a handful of designers that I knew. Still, I felt like I had walked into a painting. The atmosphere was both tangable and beautiful with a sense of memory and longing. It was like a found object art installation.

While it would certainly make a great spot for photoshoots, it is more a place to experience. I suggest you visit when you need a time of reflection.