Lasting Style

It was inventory straightened day; a good thing as the virtual clutter was definitely messing up the feng shui in that viewer pane *wink*.

This is not a post about wonderful old things found. I didn't get into my cobweb ridden areas. These are just things that I came across in the depths of my OBJECTS folder (oh my!).

First up a cute dress with belt (strappy heels are included too in black and gold) from ArisAris, the Enliven outfit.  The non-rigged belt comes with a resizer to let you adjust both size and shape (x axis - y axis etc.). This is the first time I can remember needing to do that, but it worked nicely as you can see. Always good to have new skills.

My hair with hat is from MINA for Oneword.  Now thank goodness for the designers in venues. If not for them  -- and especially the ones that send landmarks (THANK YOU!) I would be very out of the loop. I zipped over to Oneword to find this rounds word is "tragedy". So a befitting design that will go in my "hair with hats" folder for safe keeping.

I love hair with hats AND retro.  This is super cute in back too with a little bun going on. Color hud of course.

Now one thing in this post that wasn't lost amidst the ever multiplying dust bunnies, is the release from Barnesworth Anubis for TLC - The Garden for March. We all ready know the theme features sleek and stylishly modern. This fits the bill nicely.

It is a lovely design and VERY open. The fireplace in the lead shot is in a wall that bisects (more or less) the single room at a diagonal. There is a semi-private alcove to the side. Bedroom, bath, office?  This is most certainly a multipurpose structure. It would make a very nice shop or business and is suited for many terrain types - beach, forest etc.

One thing I forgot to mention on my last [BA] post is that the builds now come with TEXTURES. So you can easily add coordinating walls, vendors, cabinets -- whatever you need.

Poses by: PRETENSE from the new Kitty Set

And here is your bonus snapshot from Oneword -- just in case you need a photo shoot area.

The venue is small, nicely styled and some of the designers have done a very creative job of interpreting the word.