I was invited to a photo session this last Sunday. It ended up at my place since I had an underwater grotto and the theme was MERFOLK.  Much of the event centered around Genre and the watery theme for this round. Lots of folks showed up in deviousMind's new outfit (very impressive). I wore older garb as did a few others.

But timing is everything and happily I can show you this lovely necklace from the event. Beautifully made, the Eclectica Octopus Neckpiece comes in various stones as well as sizes for both gals and guys. I picked coral to coordinate with my outfit.

The detailing is absolutely gorgeous.

My hair in coordinating salmon tones is a brand new release from eXxEsS, Marzanna. Perfect for the outfit, it does come in more natural tones too -- via huds.

Poses by: aDORKable, Duchess Flux and tons of other great pose makers on various poseballs in the gang

Shown here, just part of the crew. There were actually ten folks at one time but that was really difficult to get a photo and see anything but tales *wink*.

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    # by Nissa - March 19, 2014 at 6:38 AM

    love this picture :) the colors are terrific~