Minimal Nouveau - New Digs


The new round of The Garden (The Liaison Collaborative) opened on the 15th  of March at the NEW Fall sim location.

I of course am in a stylistic heaven as this theme fits my temperament to a "T". The lines are clean and simple and modern.

This is the Neoteric house from Trompe Loeil. Lots and lots of glass and an open plan with many nooks and dividers, the shadows are glorious. This would also make a nice small shop. A BIG covered patio is in back and a waterfall and pool at the entry. Designed for a 1024 or larger lot, you "could" squeeze it into a 512 if your neighbors don't mind the roof overhang (or you are up in the sky). I enlarged the building just a tad to make navigation a bit easier.

I should also say that the house is actually symmetrical. My attempt here was to give you a feel for the loftiness of the expansive roof-line. The dark baked textures are extremely sophisticated.

If you are more into privacy then the {what next} Studio Apartment Skybox might be more your style. The footprint and land impact are similar to the Neoteric but the feel completely different. So many choices.

There are options of photo vista, clouds or clear windows by menu as well as some inset lighting and white brick alcove. Tons of little details and a built in window seat make this a homey spot with lots of decorating possibilities.

Whichever home is more 'you', the Atelier Visconti Vincent set will look smashing. A mix of modern lines and old world charm, both couch and rug come with color huds. My favorite piece of the set is the vase and flowers. The wall art is also smashing! Textures are glorious.

So be sure and check out all the newness (and the new sim); I will certainly be heading over there soon!

One more pretty picture. If you are in the long and full hair camp, there is a new designer you might want to check out. This is the Jena style from SaltGrass.  Colors by hud, you can find demos on the Marketplace for easy shopping.