On the Edge - Chiaroscuro

Light and shade, revelation and mystery; I was in arty mood this eve.

The theme is Steampunk. The venue is the Mad Pea Steampunk Gacha Festival.

My lead photo isn't actually about the festival. The Airship Pilot's Navigational Mask is a great find from Spyralle on the Steam Hunt; my eyes a brand new release from Real Eyes, Ghost Sepia (texture eyes). You can find them here; lots of versions to choose from. Some are quite spooky :D.

Back to the festival.

This is an ultra rare watch necklace from Eclectica, one of a huge collection of both necklaces and watch fobs (two separate machines). All are lovely; this is my favorite.  Mechanika comes in many variations as gachas will. The really good news is that if you aren't a gambling gal, you can purchase this at the shop after the festival is over. Oh yes! 

Hair by eXxEsS
Poses by: aDORKable