I Don't Dance

What I really wanted to do for this week's meme was film a slow dance sequence in this location. I left myself here yesterday after a long morning of filming. Dreamy depth of field and low contrast saturation -- you get the idea.

But "I don't dance". Not in virtual land anyway. There were times long ago when I did, but these days I am creating or caretaking or blogging and as it has been confirmed in previous memes, I don't get out much *wink*.

So imagine what I wanted to do had I a dance that would have been appropriate for both theme and long vintage dress (BAIASTICE).

Instead, here is my ONE dance video taken for Pose Fair 2013 a year ago. Credits for dances are at the end of the video; music credits and other info in the YouTube page. It was fun to do.

I have lost this post TWICE now during the writing -- including after I published it. Blogger is not a happy camper today.

So I am leaving this here. I do use FRAPS to record and Corel Video Studio Pro to edit with.

That's all I've got; trying for a third time now :D

Poses and dances by Vista Animations, Humanoid and Akeyo

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    # by Strawberry Singh - March 24, 2014 at 10:18 AM

    Your first image there is absolutely breaktaking. Would love to have seen a slow dance in that scene.