Looking for Me

Unless you are hiding from the world (an option certainly) you know that Skin Fair is going on.

I am not a skin ho; I live in the same skin except for specialty posts or filming for months (even years) before switching. It was getting close to "upgrade" time for me though as Skin Fair opened. So I was looking for

a. good stuff to show you
b. a new skin that fit both my face and temperament

Going through the offerings with that "need to be me" criteria is something I seldom do. Certainly, I noted the great new skins that are out there including some male skins I really love. I tried on tons of skins; was getting both confused and bleary.

Obviously I wanted quality skin with no seams (happily I didn't find one in my demos - yeah) or oddly shaded areas (a few of those). Some seemingly lovely skins on the posters simply didn't fit -- nose and mouth were both issues for me. A few were kind of fuzzy in the shading area, more contrast was needed in my opinion.

As day three of try-ons came and went I noticed that I was no longer enthused. In fact, I was stress. That unusual to me sensation got me thinking (well of course it did) about body image and who we perceive ourselves to be.

We can be anyone in our virtual world.

Oh, wait -- we can be anyone we want to be if we can find our VISION in texture (and sometimes mesh) form. But what happens when our ideals are out of reach?

In the real world we diet, go to the gym, slather with under eye cream. We add makeup and curl or perm our hair; we pluck and shave and moisturize. We don't have to do that in virtual land, but we do need to shop - LOL.

It dawned on me during my frantic mode that I lived in my original (free as it were) skin for well over a year -- maybe two; I would have to research that and it really doesn't matter. If there isn't a better version of "you" out there who is to say you aren't perfect as you are?

And with that I will leave you to ponder.

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    # by Nissa - March 17, 2014 at 12:25 PM

    I've also experienced times when I really, really thought I needed to change things up (major Slife transitions come immediately to mind)... And I got terribly frustrated when I couldn't find something that felt like the right fit. And we should probably know better than to get stressed over that -- 'cause the next new skin is right around the corner! A fair is a great opportunity to bring some attention to a particular segment of fashion -- but you don't have to make big decisions now. You are absolutely right -- nothing wrong with sticking with whatever is feeling most right at the moment!