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Fitted Mesh and All That Jazz

This ][PULL ][ Snow Dress for The Feeling comes in three color combos (all black, all white, and a mix). It also comes in both standard sizing and fitted mesh. 

That makes me happy for two reasons; a pretty picture and a segue into something I have written about on the forums a time or two -- fitted mesh.

There was a huge contingent of folks wanting (and contributing to) the Mesh Deformer Project. That died primarily because The Lab didn't want to play with the other kids on the block -- and it turned out that was because they had there own project going on.

We now have fitted mesh.

Well we have it if we are using the latest viewer. If we don't it is VERY VERY ugly out there. Remember when mesh first came to the grid a few years ago? We had invisible sections of people and colored blobs for those without a mesh viewer. This is so much worse; oh my!

Aside from that issue there is that extra layer of air that seems to be inherent in fitted mesh (all types, not just this grid although Cloud Party did an excellent job (different platform altogether) ). Put it on and gain twenty pounds. That isn't good for those of us that have our virtual body image fixed snugly in our memory banks.

It is OK to be plump, thick waisted, rotund -- whatever -- if that is your PLAN. It is another thing if you see yourself as a svelte fashionista and suddenly find yourself dumpy.

It is going to take me long while to get into the fitted mesh camp. I have so many designers that seem to make clothes "just for me" in that "nothing comes between me and my Calvin's" mode "wink". I don't want to give that up.

I see so many comments on the mesh forum from designers struggling with the new fitted mesh. These aren't new kids on the block; they are long time mesh clothing makers who have years of experience under their belts. I am very glad that clothes design was not my calling. I would no doubt be bald by now from hair pulling.

So, as in this release from ][PULL ][ it is my hope that designers will keep the standard sizing model and perhaps add fitted mesh for those folks that actually need it. And if they feel standard sizing is good enough and don't want to learn the new stuff? That's really OK with me too.

Sometimes we wish for things and when we get them they just aren't a great as what we expected.

Hair from eXxEsS
Pose by: oOo


Yeah you're right, it does make you look a bit more plump. I have mixed feelings about fitted mesh myself, but will keep experimenting. I'm guessing it'll take designers a while before they figure out what works best but happy to know that this dress was offered in both fitted mesh and standard sizing.

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