A Disturbing Trend

I am going out to have a little fun soon, but wanted to note something I see happening that is not good. I am getting messages from Hippo Groups and other SOMs that I did not sign up for. I am very careful about clicking in; I get a ton of legitimate messages each day -- ones that I want to see.

I have one group I cannot get off of. I was "forced" to sign up for it in order to do a hunt.  The SOM is now missing from the store and writing the owner asking to be removed gets me nowhere. Now this morning I got a long message from a store I had never heard of explaining how I could opt OUT of their Hippo Group. This included going to the store, finding the group board and unsubscribing. I did this and hopefully I am now off the list. The alternate was to remove myself using the Hippo webpage, but I needed a password.

How does this make me feel about the stores that do this? Not happy. I won't be shopping there and I won't be featuring items from their shops.

Groups are OP IN folks! Don't make enemies just so you can send out spam.

Note: This is not referring to REVIEW COPY groups. I do take blind review copies. That is my policy, hence adding me to those lists is legitimate. This is about the open and public shopping groups that you see in most shops. Just wanted to be clear. 

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    # by Chandra - October 25, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    Honestly I've been wondering what's up with that myself. I unsubscribed I believe 3 times by now from a store's subscribo, and I'm pretty positive after I bought something again at a later point I went straight back on :-/ so not sure if it's a script in the store that 'caught' me or if the connection between subscribo inworld and actual data base has been crappy - needless to say, eventually I stopped going there completely and all spam gets clicked away unseen.

    That being said... really looking forward the plans to extend inworld group you can join to 40 :-D