Wrapping Up October

October is about to bid us good-bye. It has been a busy month filled with departures as well as a few hellos. There have been some great new releases, some stellar hunt gifts and some spectacular sales.

This last weekend adds more offerings, many which have been covered well and often by others in the media field, so  here are my updates in the home and garden areas for those of you who aren't on all the popular SOM and group lists.

Nostalgia is the theme for Spruce Up Your Space specials and there are some superb ones; steamer trunks, an ice cream cart photo booth, and so much more. See the Flickr photos and find your favorites to check out in world. pitsch Parx was nice enough to send me over this lovely vase from UrbanizeD. Since it is moving weekend for me (yes again - fickle girl), I have a photo amidst the greasses on the mesa. A boudoir setting  would be even more romantic *wink*.

Other news in the House and Garden's area includes some gorgeous free ferns at New Trails. Find them in boxes with floating text amidst the new 2 prim oak trees. And if you are in the market for a house, NOTsoBAD has three of its Arabian houses on super duper sale.

It is a great shopping weekend and Sunday hasn't even started, so have fun and enjoy the holidays.