Fairy Dust

This morning I showed you one of the designs from the FrankenFae collaborative project.  This evening I have more to share. The work is quite amazing in its vision and depth. As I opened more of the new releases, it seemed that there were two distinct ensembles to be made. The same designers, simply different moods and so I am showing the sets as I envision them, not necessarily how they were planned. And that, indeed, is part of the magic. You can be who you feel you are with the help of some talented creators.

This first styling is the bolder of the two. The contoured wings shimmer grandly, the tiny accents so small the camera cannot really glimpse them, the echos of the light repeating endlessly. I am so sorry the camera cannot catch the effect, but if you enlarge the top photo to its largest size (two clicks may be necessary) you can get a hint of the fine detailing.  Wings and accent neck jewelry by Frippery, skin and shoes from Skinthesis. The lovely dress from Evie's Closet seemed too fragile for these accessories and so I defrocked to a sleek mode to match the mood.

This second look uses the pink hued skin, the wings from Evie's Closet and the complete dress. It is fragile and delicate. The wings compliment the dress beautifully.

The eyes that you can't really see and the two tones ears that match each skin are also from Skinthesis.  There is also a very striking hair, but I loved the bald look; I felt it added the slightly bizarre touch called for in  the theme. 

There a poses that go with this group release, but they were not available in time for this post. Look for them at No Strings Attached.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Poses by:LAP

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    # by Auntykuro - October 19, 2010 at 5:34 AM

    Beautiful post and outfit! <3