I spent much of the afternoon at DIVE. Lots of fun and a bit harder than the previous Halloween events, the bounty is definitely plenteous. I counted fifty items from the adventure and I know I missed some along the way. Here are a few shots of my personal favorites. EVERYTHING you see except for my shape, came from the prizes within the game.

Skins, accessories, hair, clothes and homewears can be found in disguised props. There are plenty of goodies for the guys.  The game was lots of fun and I am happy to say my gal friend and I only cheated once. It seemed like the storyline continued well from our double click hopping, but we may have missed a room or two.

This is a longer game than the predecessors -- at least it was for us. More puzzles to solve, more places to explore. Time travel, mazes, jumps into darkness -- all in hopes of solving the mystery.  If you venture over to play, be aware that prizes don't necessarily look like prizes and not all prizes have green dollar signs to show you they are buyables. Sometimes you need to right click and get a buy from the pie menu. I am sure I missed some along the way before I figured out the scheme of things. Some items appear to be prizes and are not, most likely because the original designers of the props had the object set to buy on click. So as any good adventure gamer knows, trust nothing. Anything could be a clue, a prize, a way out.

There is plenty of time to enjoy this years game, so take a friend and have fun.

Thanks to all the  participating retails who gave generously. Sorry no styling credits with this post; tired. Pick up everything. Find your favorites.

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    # by Arialle Dufaux - October 27, 2010 at 10:49 PM

    Hi Chic,

    I notice, like me, you enjoy collecting things on hunts across the grid. I'm interested in how you keep your inventory under control. Mine is exploding!!! Any tips would be much appreciated :-)