Fall Poetry

I didn't have to think twice when I opened the notice that there was a hunt at the Poetry Garden. So many pretty things to gaze at, it is always a pleasure to visit.  The new location is on the water so vista is in evidence. I also spied a fawn who may be new. At least I hadn't noticed him (or her) before.  I really didn't NEED to rest after hunting for seven little orange (and glowing) boxes. They were pretty easy to find by just walking around. But I did want to share the baby deer with you and also let you know that the mushrooms you see in the photo are also free. Others are nearby.

The prizes are all very nice and definitely diverse, so it is likely there will be something -- or many things -- that fit into your abode. Most items are copy. The pumpkins and fern planters are permission-less so if you think you may need more than one, a return trip could be in order. You have until Nov ember 1.

The "cup of tree" prize is both fun and quirky; it is always nice to see creativity in building.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

My costume of the day is my current default garb. You can see the style notes in this post.  I tried to make up a new outfit for the day with the very cute shoes from the Tea Hunt, but alas, I just couldn't get it to come together. So I will wear them another time. I am sure they will be perfect for a post in the future.

I am heading out to DIVE at Sn@tch in a bit when my RL gal friend arrives. The three of us  will be trying to solve the puzzles of the haunted hotel. It should be fun.