Christmas Colors

 I am not a huge fan of bright red and holiday green, but give me some muted tones and I am a happy gal. I loved the leggings I featured yesterday from Rebel Xravaganza, so when I received a notecard from the designer mentioning that there were even more gifts under the tree at the main shop? Well I was there. I hadn't visited the store in a long while; it was good to return. I especially loved the colorful  fantasy flowers. A little of this, a little of that. Fun.

This sweater and the leggings are some of the gifts under the tree. The sweater includes a muffler top section which while cute is also a bit too big in the bosoms for tomboy me. I had to smile when I put it on and gained a couple of bra sizes.  I suspect it would work well for most gals.

As the season ends you can remove  the tree motif sweater bottom leaving a stylish wearable for any time of the year. There is another present under the tree that I love. A few designer friends have dropped off gifts, you see. I had been admiring a new release from that shop (not telling until tomorrow) and was thrilled to find something of a similar design as a gift. I'll be showing you an outfit based on the piece soon *wink*. Think drama.

Something that does fit into the holiday theme of the day is this cute sled from Moonstruck. I am pretty sure it was one of the gifts I garnered at Fallen Gods yesterday. It has a cute animation for sledding and it is drivable. I had a difficult time getting it to go (not very mechanical) but after I shift copied the sled out on the sandbox all was well. I am guessing the script needed to be reset. Even if you never use it in transportation mode, it is a cutie.

Look at me go!

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ::Inorite:: Jacks ~ Last Cup of Coffee
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: !* Rebel -X- *! Leggings - Wool - GREEN; !* Rebel -X- *! YUKI Sweater - Xmas 2010 ; PARADISIS Cold Kiss : Sweater top brown
Shoes: Bang Bang - Stingray leather gaiter booties - red
Accessories: Dark Mouse Stain Glass Greens Earring (today's gift under the tree)

Poses by: LAP and the sled