Getting It Right

Some early morning thoughts are rambling around in my head. Even before coffee (yawn) or tub (MMMM) I want to get them down on virtual paper so that they can stop their movement and let me get on with my day.

Most of us have some stress associated with the holidays. Lots of things to do, people to see, places to be -- in both worlds. This can get us in hurry up mode or thinking we can never get anything done. I seem to be doing a lot of unplanned beta testing of late. Part of this is because PERMISSIONS AREN'T STICKING. I've written about this before. It is not "new news". But if you missed the alert, here it is again in caps. I am getting lots (LOTS) of items with incorrect permissions. I frequently write the designers to let them know; sometimes I too am in  busy mode and I let it slide.

For the last two months -- for me anyway -- permissions have been weird. For example. I build an item with NO scripts and only full perm textures. All prims are my prims. I set it to be mod - copy (my usual perms). When I look at the item in world, it IS mod - copy. When I take it into my inventory it is copy only. This has happened so many times (almost always) that it has become the norm for me. I know it isn't happening for everyone, but it seems to be happening for lots of folks judging from the odd boxes of review items I am getting.

So designers, be sure and TEST before sending things out or selling. Give them to your alt or a friend and see if the permissions you planned for are the ones you are getting. Be sure and look at the properties of the items before you box them up. Sending out outfits that are part copy, part transfer and often no mod is only confusing to bloggers. Your customers may not complain but I doubt they will be happy.

Note that this is not the same " change permissions in world rather than in inventory" issue. This is a whole new ballgame. In fact changing permissions in the inventory (for me anyway) IS working. So  take a deep breath and move slowly. We can only do what we can do, but  being sloppy isn't a good choice. It just takes a bit longer to get things done right these days.  We can still enjoy the process as long as we stop for a breath now and then.

May the new year bring us server codes without all these issues.


And one more thing :D.

Review item SOMs are getting to be the rage and I think they are great, but please remember that bloggers need INFO too.  Getting the product is wonderful and thank you, but we need to know if it is new or a group gift or a hunt item or on sale ---- etc. We can't do our jobs very well if we don't have the details. So throw the review items in a box WITH a notecard. Many extra gold stars to those of you that add vendor textures in with the goodies.