Simple Things

I am a pretty simple gal. I like clean lines, not a lot of frills, but definitely a few details. I have two new things to show you this afternoon. I wondered what the theme could be for this post, and simplicity is it.

My loungewear / streetwear outfit from Paradisis is aptly named Streets. Comfy enough to wear while exercising, watching TV or chatting with amigos. Dressy enough to act as "real clothes" out in the world. Get a hankering to be somewhere in a hurry? You don't need to change. I switch clothes more than the average gal, certainly. And on days off I like being at ease and ready for exploration without a lot of to do. This works.

You know that I seldom post all the colors and stylings of an outfit, but this evening's sunset inspired me to change. There are so many pretty colors available in this new release, I really had a difficult time picking out which to show you. Color theory won the day, but know that there are many many legging choices and also a black tank top. The leggings are low, low, low *wink* and there is an alternate shortie tank for those of you that like to show a lot of skin. I was pleased to see a jacket layer long tank as an option. It pulls up just enough on the side so that a little bit of hips shows through. The number 69 is also on the back pocket.

Don't forget to visit the shop early and slap that Midnight board. A new item arrives every day until Christmas and plenty of folks slapping.

You must be wondering about this little house in the photos. It qualifies in the simplicity realm in another way. It is a mere four prims.  No typo there. No missing digit. FOUR prims. The knocker counts as one, the door (which opens and closes so smoothly I am in awe) as another and the house proper as the other two. Not only is this a major prim saver, it is big enough for most single folks or could be a small shop on a 512. That gives you 113 prims for furnishing or products. Wow!

This very classy Regency style cottage is a gift to SL House and Garden members (join fee) from Katy's Kreations!, a full perms sculpt shop. The box is upstairs; TP or cam. Activate your tag and click. One per person. I looked around the shop while I was there and while I am not building much these days there are some very nice sculpts on display. The house is really impressive. To be fair, it is a sculpt and so it is phantom. You will need a rug and some paintings on the wall if you want some solidity in your world. Luckily my favorite rug goes perfectly so I resized it to floor dimensions (a bit over 8 x 8 inside) and picked it up coalesced for the future.

Be sure and slap those boards while you are visiting! The other slappers thank you.


I have switched to posting full size photos most of the time rather than click to enlarge. This gives me clearer options and slightly larger than Blogger allows for its extra-large size. I found that the only clear photos I could count on when posting my traditional way were those uploaded after nine in the evening SL time. That is a bit too restrictive, so I will try it this way for a bit.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Ulrica ~ Mocha
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: PARADISIS Streets

Poses by:LAP