Snow on the Mesa

There is snow on the mesa this morning and I love it.

I have wanted snow for a long while, so where I read the notecard from [what next] announcing a pack of whiteness ground-covers I couldn't resist. The pieces are relatively small but modify and copy. I enlarged mine and layered them. I have some fine tuning to do but I wanted to share the goodness. There are several that have sharp edges for going alongside buildings. With six different types to choose from it is a great pack at a really good price. The seasonally coordinating Winter chair is from the Zombie Popcorn hunt. That sneaky little bag was hard to find, but eventually I spied it. I love the Autumn chair so I persevered and was happily rewarded.

Other newness includes some warm holiday boots from Berries Inc, a turtleneck from E! - Eclectic (actually a dress but you know me) and a cute bobble hat from Concrete Flowers (hunt).

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Udate: And here there be shadows :D.

My first photo with shadows. Nothing too dramatic, but it took me about two hours to set up the new Kirsten viewer. My new graphics card handles it, but it will be burning a lot of calories -- aerobics can do that. It wasn't that Kirsten's viewer was difficult, just that I had never seen a Version 2 viewer. It seems to do a lovely job. Thanks to everyone who helped me on group chat. So far I am not getting it as clear and sharp as I normally do. Actually, I will have to look closer on shadow photos; many of them seem artfully blurred so perhaps this is a "feature" :D. Onward.

Later: I have spent over four hours with Kristen's newest viewer and while I figured out lots of wonderful things like depth of field, elongated shadows and more, my system doesn't want to handle the viewer in general. Even moving is slower and textures take about four times longer even with the bandwidth turned as high as it will go. I even turned off features that I normally use trying to get some performance boosts.  I did a test with one location and both Kristen's and the Imprudence viewer. I visited the sim twice, five minutes apart. The difference in performance was either dismal or outstanding depending on the viewer. So while I may try the "really pretty shadows" again in the future, a change isn't in the cards on a daily basis. But, if your systems is new and your graphics card top of the line, it is indeed a photographer's dream. That is for sure.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo - Sangria
Skin: WWI Snowflakes on my Lashes; []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: sf design camo hooded jacket womens - white; e! Winifred Dress (Red) (new); ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Polka Dot Leggins (p) {White}
Shoes: Berries Inc. xmas boots boots  (new - free - group)
Accessories: CONCRETE FLOWERS- SARSONS BOBBLE HAT (current hunt)

Poses by: estetica,  the chair

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    # by AK Alchemi - December 3, 2010 at 6:57 AM

    FYI, at SF Designs, in the men's section, there is a free men's "hat hair" that tucks into hats like that and looks super cute.

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    # by Chic Aeon - December 3, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    And I have that hair :D A good reminder. TY.