Playing Around

Sometimes even the nicest "pretty pictures" becomes a little boring. Fashion can also be fun. And so today I decided to play. I played with shadows and blur and saturation and -- well, I just played. My  togs are stretchy and warm, the new sweater dress from amanda's fashion.  A simple basic with nicely drawn built in texture belt, it comes with three different leggings - stripe, solid black an a white with black print. What really makes this release notable however is the skirt prim. The skirt prim is sculpty with a slight ruffle and it pretty much works with any pose. I am on record (sometimes loudly) about the skirt prims that often come with minis. Unless you stand in a straight pose all day and never move, they frequently are in your leg or aiming into the air. Well this holds up much better no matter how you twist and turn -- even upside down!  So gold stars to whoever invented it; I hope they do very well.

Note that this new dress comes in only one layer for each piece so wearing options are limited. Still, it is a very nice addition to most any wardrobe. The texture belt is small enough and at the waist so you could easily accessorize with a prim belt, sash, tied sweater -- and the list goes on.

What actually got me in this childlike mode? Well it could have been the giant clown feet, red nose and makeup from RC Cluster. You may have heard that the store is closing on the 18th. That is sad, but it has had a good long run. I have lots of great things from that store, all quirky, all fun. Until it closes you can pick up free items at the entrance. They change more or less daily. I haven't made it over there too often, but I have several things that make me smile. So a big thank you to Redd Columbia for going out in style!

Just an extra shot with a close up of the clown makeup. The shoes are a bit cumbersome -- being oversized and all, but I am getting kind of attached to this makeup and nose *wink*.

Also in the news are some 12 days of Christmas freebies as well as plenty of Advent calendar events.

WoE and Dark Mouse presents for  12-13
includes three colors of pajama bottoms
* Abranimations has an advent calendar out. Click on the correct date to get a gift. I had visited earlier in the month and then forgot to return. Today I made another trip over to find five dances as well as a DANCE BALL for clubs and parties. So there have been lots of green dots on the map there today. I am not sure when the gifts change, midnight or morning. But even if you miss today's gift, there are plenty of days left unitl Christmas.

*In the Twelve days of Christmas celebrations we have Pulling Strings and Second Spaces (and likely others in the sim so do some checking). Each day there is a new dollarbie. No guessing; the items are right out there for you to see and try. I bought lots of great things at this event last year, so visit each morning or night and see what you can't resist.

*There are also 12 gifts to be found under the trees at  Miao  and Dark Mouse

* Pick up gifts from both Exodi and WoE at the central Christmas Tree here

*And of course the hunt present event is still going on at Sway's, Hunt for the clues in colorful boxes around the sim; type in the clue on the correct day and get your prize. Check for complete instructions at the Swayland TP point.

And here is the fashion shot for the sweater dress :D.

PS. No shadows were destroyed in the making of this post. My graphic's program holds the key.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Tracy - Blood
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room LE :: Gina 01;  -RC- Clown Makeup! (female)
Clothing: amandas sweater dress black; Striped Leggings Black & Silver
Shoes: -RC- Clown Shoes
Accessories: -RC- Clown Nose

Poses by:Posemaster, ANA_mations, Amacci