Presents and Poise

I love getting presents and virtual ones are the best. They take up no closet space, simply a line or two in an inventory that has no bounds -- well not yet anyway. I keep my inventory both tidy and small, so I don't keep everything I find or everything I am given. I still appreciate the gifts though; the time put in  -- the thought involved.

This morning's post features a today only present from the MIAO tree of bountiful gifts. Just find the active beribboned box under the tree and buy for $0. This dress is the gift. You can wear yesterday's earrings with it if you got over there to pick them up. 

I have had the mask from Moxie Polano for some time now. It is so exquisite. Find the candy cane shaped like the numeral "2" to get the prize. I think it was near the landing point as I found it by accident when rezzing :D.

The hues red and red-violet are analogous colors, they border each other on the color wheel. They, in theory, play well together. They are also two colors that I would normally never put together. But I wanted to show both items, so I made the extra effort.  I think the look turned out pretty well. The mask color is repeated in the leggings; the dress color is repeated in the shoes and I used platinum hair to balance the diamond pin on the dress.

I TPed over to Heartless on a landmark I had for the Lelutka shop. The shop was almost vacated. A couple of posters and a mannequin remained.  It was a little eerie actually, but it was a great backdrop for the dress and it enabled this walking through the revolving door shot. That's my cue to tell you that BehaviorBody has a new AO out called Diva. It is filled with 40 animations and even includes several swimming motions. There are numerous walk choices.

Now AOs are even more personal than skins. Finding the right one can be time consuming, but also an adventure. I am a fairly hard to fit avatar so far as poses go and many of these didn't work with my almost as long as you can make them arms *smile*. But if you didn't go overboard with the sliders when making your noobie shape OR purchased a shape later in life, there is a good chance this new AO will work for you. Give it a trial run at the shop and see. I particularly like the specialty walks. The one above has arms crossed as you walk and a very "I own the world" head tilt. There is another with hands clasp in back as you walk. Also very cute.

The stands are full movement animations so you are always in motion. I know these are very popular so if you are in the market, put this new release on your trial list.

Style Notes: 

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: =^^= MIAO Elusyve Pink Dress; Bang Bang - Basic Wooly tights bloody red 
Shoes: A-BOMB Khitten Shoes
Accessories: Polanos Holiday  Mask- MP

Poses by:EverGlow and BehaviorBody