OTR - Everwind

I spent the afternoon in the fantasy land of Everwind. Many would say that we are always in a land of imagination when we explore Second Life. In some ways that is certainly true, but the gap between everyday fantasy and the storybook experience broadens once you have immersed yourself within the two sim role play complex.

I have visited a good number of role play sims and shown you many of them. Some have left me wanting more, but not Everwind. Where some builds are showing their longevity, quietly sliding into obscurity with old textures and outmoded builds, this destination boasts never-ending, high quality details.

I hiked the hills and dales -- often losing my way and retracing old paths. Along the way I fell into the sea and found that it was as wonderfully rendered as the snow laden forests. I headed for a sign far ahead, hoping to find my way back to dry land. Instead, I delved deeper into the mysterious waters and found this harp.

Floating high above the land is the home of the dragons. Man may be able to journey there, but today it was only my camera that caught the fading light of a lovely day.

Pick up your mandatory explorer backpack and a copy of the sim rules before venturing down to sea level. You do not need to be in costume to visit, but it is certainly more fun. The backpack itself is quite cute. I dispensed with it for a few seconds each time I took my photos. Floating text, shadows and screenshots do not play well together.

Style Notes: 

Skin:[]::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04;  Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Eyes (prim)- Brown
Clothing: Little Heaven Sexy_Herb_Hunt_Melissa_SPorange (still available on the lucky boards)

Poses by:Everglow and LOTTA