The Longest Night

It is two weeks until the shortest night of the year. That may not seem to have much to do with fashion or even the photo above, but it does. Here's the story.

Last weekend I TPed over to Malfean Visions to check out a sister pair of those great teal boots I showed you recently. I was apparently there before the official sales event as I couldn't find the vendor. But, as luck would have it, I did spy a Peace On Earth hunt sign. While I had given up on doing the hunt, I was definitely willing to look for one globe at a shop I liked.  And this is what I found.

Now not everyone is going to love this this 53 prim snowy build any more than everyone will love my POE3 gifts, but on a personal level I was thrilled. Reading the notecard that came with the build explains that the aim was
"To bring all diverse religions and traditional backgrounds together was the result of this gift, surrounded by tranquil white snow and the cool glow of the yin yang symbol, of balance and harmony of this season." 
And it so works for me. I won't be living with it full time, but it was definitely a pleasure to explore and photograph.

I needed something dramatic to adorn my body of course, so I was thrilled to open this haute blouse from the FTLO ICE FESTIVAL hunt. It comes courtesy of the HouseofFox. Find the snowflake (in this case in the shop if I remember correctly) and you have this mult-pieced top AND two hair attachments (black and blond).  I added some older basics to complete the look and chose my new Adam n Eve  Tanisha Dark Special skin. The Tanisha skin seems to  come with a hairbase that I didn't notice earlier. Very handily, it is a stand alone base with the look of a very short overall haircut.

Now I am not going to show you all the great items that I literally picked up at the Ice Festival (most are sitting around in the snow or in trees) but they are numerous. The hunting is both fun and easy, the prizes of very high quality. The most difficult part of hunting is not buying the same snowflake over and over again *wink*. So, head on over to the FTLO event and do a little shopping and a little snowflake hunting. You'll be glad you did.

Back to the title theme and a bookend to this post .  For me, the Frozen Meditation Ruins had a solstice feeling. An ancient Celtic circle in the snowy mountains of long ago, the ending of the darkest days to bring forth the light once again. In ancient cultures the fires were kept burning throughout that longest night in hopes that the day would dawn again. The December solstice will occur at 23:38 (or 11.38pm) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on December 21, 2010. 

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Adam n Eve Skins - Tanisha Hairbase - Black 1; HouseofFox :: FemmeFataleHair[Dark]
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Tanisha Dark Special - Natural
Clothing: [SE*Designz] Wool Leggins - black

Accessories: [spork] Cosmo gloves Black (NLA)

Poses by: EverGlow

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    # by Nissa Nightfire - December 9, 2010 at 6:13 AM

    ooooh -- i love that! thanks for the tip, as I hadn't seen the POE gift yet...and I'm hunting selectively myself :) I love your dramatic looks~