On The Bridge

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the snow this year. Perhaps it is because there has been no real life snow to gaze at and deal with, perhaps it is simply the absence of color that presents a perfect backdrop for many photos. Whatever the draw, I will be sorry to see it go. The snows begin to melt in Winterfell soon. I remember that it was Spring when I moved in last year in February. In November there were only patches of snow so I suspect the reverse will happen as we move through January.

I journeyed over to the Winterfell Harbor bridge this morning. I see it from my windows but have never visited -- or at least I don't remember the details. When I turned on shadows to take my photos, I was amazed to find full avatar shadows; something I have seen only one other time. The server codes changed this weekend causing me to wonder if they are an integral part of the equation. One would suspect so. Time and observation will reveal the answer.

It is a quiet time of year in both worlds. Holidays are winding down, energies are often depleted and rest is called for.  So I plan to spend my time taking photos in the snow and learning more about shadows, post processing tricks to cope with the inherent problems and how to get the best out of my system and viewer. Along the way there will be newness to share.

Today's is a very cute sweater (actually a dress but with plenty of layers to make tucking in a possibility). It was a weekend gift from BOOM. Still up when I checked this morning; find it by the entrance on a vendor board. One of the prim pieces is missing but by making a copy of one arm, you can attach the new piece to the other arm and you are set. I alerted the designer so this may be fixed as time allows. The sweater is very cute, not red or green (yeah) and has the word "Flaky" on the front which I love and which now and then is appropriate. Note: Replacement version with missing sleeve seem to be going out to previous purchasers. :D

My bold earrings and flashy purse are part of a new dollarbie out at  [ glow ] studio. Find them in a hanging vendor in the center of one of the rooms.  A set of bracelets comes in the pack. The purse is see through and quite smashing in a Las Vegas style. Fun!

Style Notes: 

Hair: ::Inorite:: Jacks ~ Hit the Bottle, Baby (old)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 4/li) :: 01a; Leel Makeup v3.2 blue
Clothing: *BOOM* Call Me Baby -Flakey; PARADISIS Streets : Pants White
Shoes: A-BOMB Chic wedges
Accessories: [ glow ] studio KOS Gold Earrings and purse; INDI - Belt white

Poses by:Amacci w purse hold