Up today for your pleasure, a new skin release from *JeSyLiLO* and three nice gifts.

The new Asin skin from *JeSyLiLO* has an exotic look. Still young and vulnerable but with a hint of mystery. Each skin comes in a set of sixteen options including blush - no blush, hairline, matte or shiny and bust enhancements. This is the dark version of the skin.

My earrings are from { Zeery }  at Rue D'Antibies Chirstmas gift tree (see yesterday's post). There are several colors in the set. This choice pulled the outfit together. Yeah!

You might remember this sweater from BOOM. It was a very popular item during Goldenrod Week in the 52 colors challenge. It is bright and fun and comes with and without shoulder button accents. Plenty of layers means you can add just a BIT of this brilliant hue if you are on the shy side. My beautifully shaded comfy leggings are one of two sets from !* Rebel -X- *!. Find them under the gift tree at  Fallen Gods. (Thanks to Momo for this tip).

Just for today, you can pick up this cute little home -- completely furnished from buttons as part of the H & S Village 12 Days of dollarbies.  It is copy only but the furnishings are separate from the house. Perfect for a new resident, the complete set weighs in at 90 prims (20 for the empty house). So even on a small plot you would have a few prims for personal momentos and for unpacking. There are additional decor objects not shown in these photos. The over-sized chair  has a menu with various poses and adjustments. It appears to hold two avatars.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

Style Notes: 

Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Asin:::*DarkSkin*J3(Makeup)* ( Matte )
Clothing: !* Rebel -X- *! Leggings - Wool - RED -; *BOOM* +4 Warmth Thermal - Goldenrod

Accessories: Cube Cloth Earrings [] Dragons Breath

Poses by:LAP, aDORKable