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There are surprises around every corner. Today was a big one for them and the song of that title from maybe the 50s is playing in my head.  I've been working on a grungy city for MOSP; that you know. Along the way I got stuck. Main stuff done but in need of details I had exhausted the search capacity of the Marketplace and resorted to a cry for help on the Wanted Forum. Is there good, high quality grunge stuff out there? Well yes, there is. Hard to find but there.  In the meantime I had made a lot of props on my own, not a bad thing but time consuming.

This morning after several busy days in Blenderland I decided I should clean out my Objects folder. I set my preferences to accept all incoming awhile ago so as not to miss things people offered. The downside of that is that while I get the items, I don't KNOW they are there (there must be a better way :D). I found a few items I hadn't known about including a big pack of props from Chandra (more on that in another post) and a stop sign from a gal I had chatted with following my forum post in need. She was so nice to send me her very distressed stop sign which I had a great place for. One thing lead to another and I have a huge amount of show and tell items from Vikki Placebo of \-. < CARGO > .-/.

Now \-. < CARGO > .-/ is only on the Marketplace and you know I don't often "go there", but I am mightily impressed and you also know I don't impress easily. So here's my pitch for a really talented designer, right up there with some of the best.

In the photos above you will see the following \-. < CARGO > .-/ items.
Futureshock Eyeshields
Zipperback Tank Top  Brown
Chain Belt [mesh]
Chunky Stud Bracelet
Moto Boots - Used Brown

Foundry Table
Inspektor Lamp

Many items including the furniture include texture changes. The lamp has a huge menu for setting the lighting JUST like you like it. I was so enamored with the furniture I re-textured a room in the " grunge inn" to coordinate.

Most of you will not care, but I can tell from looking at the mesh that the folks on the mesh forums would be very happy with the low poly topology (see how smart I am?) of these designs. The oldtimers there, many who make their living in RL 3D jobs, are adamant about keeping it simple. Less is more and gentler on the server -- something we DO need to think about.

On a personal note I was ever so thrilled to find that many items come in their OWN UNIQUE box. It was like Christmas as I so love boxes to decorate with. Even the toolbox is a product box and perfect for decorating.

Feel free to zip on over to the new build and take a look. Wander a bit and take some photos -- you know you want to.

This seemed like the perfect post to show off the guy prize from EMO-tions on the Key of Hope Hunt (see previous post). I decided that I didn't have the time or energy for something that I might not be able to finish so I'll leave that up to you intrepid hunters. The dragon earring is VERY cool and there is also something very nice for the ladies.

Poses by: aDORKable and Grafica


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