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Mr. Hunter

Some new hunts started at midnight. I have to admit that I didn't wait until the witching hour, nor did I do the whole Mr Hunter hunt. Like a sneaky little blogger I perused the prize photos and decided that DragonLady's Closet was the prize to feature. The jacket is open in the front and double breasted with wide lapels and brown buttons. The tied belt in back is really the star of the show though, so back view it is. 

There are some nice mesh jeans in the prize pack as well as a brown tee. The jeans and jacket don't play well together though -- at least on Chav. Not a big surprise; we see that often with mesh. This is a very nice gift for the guys. It will fit best on guys with big shoulders and very slim hips.

You are looking for a pipe.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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