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May Day

Now my photo has nothing to do with the point of this post. You know I dislike "greatly" all-text entries, so here's the deal.

There are lots of new hunts coming to the grid tomorrow. There are also other venues which I will be reporting on. My work at LEA7 has calmed down after a couple of months. Forty or so sets seems like an adequate number of choices, so I am taking a break. I do enjoy a good hunt and so I went out perusing the possibilities for this next week. I checked out the blog pages and most are pretty secretive -- including the one my shop is in and I know there are prize photos to be posted as I sent mine in long. So perhaps everyone is waiting until "the day".

As a hunt organizer (and no, I am not going there again in the near future) I'm not sure that is the best plan -- but whatever.

What I did find is that the Runway Perfect Hunt is now a $5 hunt (fine if there are prize photos; I am not a grab bag hunter). Some other hunt blogs hadn't been updated in for-e-ver which doesn't get me excited to attend. So, at the moment, I plan to do the Color Explosion Hunt  -- in part or I may split it with a friend as it is a big hunt.

Any of you that are doing (and complete) *wink* the Fantasy Faire Key of Hope hunt, I would really like to know what you found. Feel free to comment to this post or IM me in world with your URL. Since I am not the best hunter in the world, I passed; I am still interested in what YOU found.

Oh yes, my lead photo. If you read this blog daily, you most likely have noted a lot of Ducknipple and secondary brand items mentioned on these pages. I am not being lazy, I just have a lot of great stuff to show. Now of course I don't feature everything. Some items are a bit too skimpy for my tastes, but there is a huge selection of great looking stuff that fits me well. So what'a a blogger to do? I have the vendors plunked down on my building pad at LEA7. When in need? You got it; I open up one of the boxes I saved out.

HOHO. OK. Maybe I am lazy.

This is a slightly skimpy but not tooooo much top called the Paula Vest. It runs a little small as I am wearing a medium. The plus side of that is that I need no alpha layer.

My location is City of Lost Souls.

And I want to say that I am very much in love with the new AKERUKA Manuela skin!

Pose by: aDORKable from the Lean II set


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